Common Car Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

If you have ever shipped a car before, then you know that it is not an easy process. If you haven’t, then prepare yourself. There are many steps involved and things to consider when shipping your vehicle. But don’t worry. This blog post will help ensure you’ll have a smooth-sailing shipping experience as possible. Without […]

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Pros and Cons of Open and Enclosed Auto Transport Services

The things you own speak volumes about who you are. Your car is no different—it tells everyone about the type of person that drives it. Thus, it’s understandable that you want to get your ride safely from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. But transporting any vehicle from one location to another requires careful consideration of multiple factors, including cost, time constraints, etc. In this blog post, you’ll be learning the differences between the two most popular forms of auto transport: enclosed and open-air.

Enclosed vs. Open-Air Car Shipping

So you’ve just bought your dream car, and it’s time to ship to your home. Or you’re moving to a new city, and you want to bring over your ride there. The first step in shipping a vehicle will be selecting how you want to transport it.

Enclosed shipping is just as it sounds. Your vehicle will be loaded into a secure container with walls and roofs. On the other hand, open-air transport will carry your truck in a plain trailer without any top or enclosure. That’s basically the difference between the two. 

Enclosed Shipping Pros

Protection from theft

It is impossible to steal a car inside an enclosed transport truck, as all doors will be locked and can’t be rolled out. If a thief seriously wants to try, they will have to find where the vehicle is being kept, where the locks are, and many other obstacles that discourage them from doing so. Unless an inside job happens, your ride is in safe hands. 

Protection from External Elements

Vehicles can be sensitive to the environment, one way or another. Rain, snow, and sunlight can contribute to serious damage over a period of time. Shipping your car in an enclosed trailer prevents these elements from reaching it. It’s not only from the weather, but your vehicle is also protected from extreme temperature changes.

Prevents Scratches and Damage

Enclosed transports prevent any unwanted scratches on your vehicle. Even minor scratches can be a big deal for many people who are adamant about keeping their cars in pristine condition. Enclosed transport will also keep all flying debris and bugs away from your vehicle while being shipped.

Enclosed shipping does not necessarily mean that it has more perks than open-aired.

Enclosed Shipping Cons


So far, the only disadvantage of enclosed transport is its price. Well, it only makes sense considering the extra layer of protection it offers. If you’re looking for affordable ways to get your car shipped, then this is not the way to go. But if you want peace of mind over anything, book yourself an enclosed truck now.

It Can Only Transport Fewer Cars

Because enclosed carriers want to ensure the integrity of the cars onboard, they don’t stack a lot of automobiles inside compared to open-air. This can be disadvantageous if you’re shipping multiple vehicles at once.

Open-Air Transport Pros

You Can Save More Money

Open-air car transport is extremely popular because of its competitive prices. From your point of view, this could be a significant advantage if you’re tight on budget or looking to save. To find the best deals, it would be wise to shop around and compare rates from multiple carriers. If a reputable company offers a reasonable price, better clinch the deal right away.

More Common

It’s no secret that open-air trailers are more common than enclosed ones. This is because enclosed trailers are more expensive than open ones. Knowing this, you can easily book a schedule for your car. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to move it last minute.

Improved Visibility During Transport

Visibility is a huge advantage during transport. Rather than being boxed in a big metal cage, the driver gets to see the cars during transit and check up on the overall condition of the trailer. This makes it easier to verify any changes or issues throughout the journey.

But open-air is not one to underestimate either.

Open-Air Transport Cons

Exposure to Elements

Considering open-air carriers don’t have roofs, your car will be exposed to the sun, which can fade the paint. Another thing, dust, and dirt may accumulate during transit. The worst-case scenarios would be hail or storms that might cause expensive damage to your vehicle. Basically, in exchange for affordability, an open-air trailer is a riskier option.

Higher Chances of Theft

With no walls to protect your car, open-air transport can be a target for theft. When the trailer stops and the driver isn’t too careful, some professional car thief might just hack in and drive off with one of the vehicles. 

Which One is Better?

Honestly, it all depends on your needs and budget. If you’re shipping a luxury car, sports car, or some vintage model that is delicate, an enclosed trailer will benefit you a lot. The added protection and security will help ensure your peace of mind. But if you’re only shipping a regular car, you’ll be able to save more by booking yourself an open-air truck.  But in the end, the transport method isn’t your biggest consideration. It’s the shipping company. Make sure you do the necessary license checks and interviews to hire a trustworthy one.

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Step by Step Guide to Shipping Your Car

First-time experiences can be daunting, especially if it involves shipping a car. Whether it’s across the country or just within the state, the process will most likely overwhelm you. But when you break things down into steps, it’s not so bad. Luckily, you’ve come across this post. This guide will cover everything from preparing your […]

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